Education (Training Institute)

Forensic Talents India has a perfect for those students to achieve a strong carrier in field of forensic science, we are well establish team for coaching and training in the various parts.

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    FOR-T give a training under all department in forensic science at the low cost, training should be done by individuals and get certified under our company. Fingerprint, Questioned Documents, Crime Scene, Cyber Forensic, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Biology, Forensic medicine etc.

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    Internship is now a days become more valuable for each and everyone because through this we served theoretical as well as practical examination. internship includes on field training as well as report writing. We give a specialization certificate after completion of internship with grade as per legal system.

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    Personal classes

    FOR-T gives individual coaching who want to be expert in individual field, we also done a dissertation program for Masters class students and give a full report, thesis and certificate.

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    Certificate Courses

    We will served a special certified courses which can help you for future and benefit through out your life. We have special faculty for personal certified courses.