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Our Private Investigators are meticulously picked to be part of The FOR-T team. We boldly stand on having the best Private Investigators in India. We have experts from various sides of the industry; our team includes Surveillance Investigators with years of relevant experience. We treat each file with professional pride that guarantee’s the best possible outcome for your investigation. We work efficiently and discretely and always strive for continued success on files! Not only do we believe in giving the best possible results and treating our clients right but we stand firm on our standard of “We Exceed your Expectations, not your Budget.”

Contact us today! Let us assist in your Private Investigator needs! We solve the unknown.


Personal detective

Pre matrimonial investigation

It is general enquiry about the prospectus groom or bride which cover character enquiry, their social as well as financial relation, family background, their habits, educational history, past broken or unbroken marriage etc.

Post matrimonial investigation

This services are badly needed for husband and wife for doubting on the character of each other. we will give you amenity that provide a perfect data with proof to leave a life with your loving one or either.

divorce case investigation

FOR-T detective is a reputed detective agency that conducts the investigation confidentially and provides the results on the basis of strong evidence like photographs and videos. We keep utmost level of transparency with our clients and do not reveal their identity with anyone at any cost.

Loyalty test investigation

FOR-T agency is one of the best loyalty test agency in India. We offer special services for those peoples when they are in doubts and feel that his/her boyfriend, girlfriend, partner cheated on them as well as family internal consequence loyalty test we provide in a minimum amount of range.

Extramarital affairs

We have a special dedicated team for these kind of cases in which surveillance being tailing or shadowing of a person and then observing his movements and activities, it provides best information about the target.

Litigation support

court instances could grow to be a nightmare spoiling the credibility other than the harassment faced. Advocates, regulation corporations are employed but the simplest of argument in the court calls for backing of evidence to confirm that arguments. FORT detective has the distinctiveness in it to help such litigation cases to achieve success.

Still photography & video-graphy

FOR-T detective who uses present day digital technology, devices like, secret camera, Bluetooth and so forth. On behalf of this latest technology, we acquire the proofs and evidence in opposition to the challenge and offer the clean photograph and video-graphy.

Undercover operation

FOR-T is being needed by the personal or corporate sector. It can be check on friend, family, beloved, spouse, kids and corporate sector needed for employees, competitors, running trade union etc and they are also needing us to stop theft, pilferages and reason to get less production.

Detective service related domestic help and rent

FOR-T has a specialize team for the domestic violence such as in-house matter and servent matter, We can identify the history of servents and staff with special team and give a perfect result for betterment.

Corporate Detective

Pre employment verification

To hire any employee who has already done the frauds in his previous organization or due to his bad habits the company had thrown him or her out and if you have not checked the candidate credentials by saving the few thousands rupees, it may harm your company growth. The pre employment enquire of the candidate is quite important.

Post employment verification

Theft by employees, misappropriation of information and industrial theft, internal fraud, copyright, patent and trademark infringement, any employee in a significant position within the company has the potential to cause severe damage if access can be gained to databases and confidential information. employee meeting your competitors, involved in parallel business, what do they do after office hours then immediate contact FORT for better result.

Asset verification

FOR-T tracing services are designed to locate and identify company or individually held assets such as real estate property, vehicles, business ownership interests and income sources.

Trademark & copyright verification

FOR-T will protect your company from counterfeit merchandise and gray market trading.

Business interference

FOR-T will help you out when other business associate with your organization and give a bad impact in other business agents will find out and help you with solid proof and documentation.